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  • ADAC Motorwelt boasts 5.9 million readers

    A compass for the mobile lifestyle: ADAC Motorwelt reaches around 5.9 million readers and inspires them with 180 pages of premium content in each issue. This claim is corroborated by the results of the Allensbach market and advertising media analysis (Allensbacher Markt und Werbeträgeranalyse, AWA) 2021, which were published today (28 June 2021). According to the study, the club magazine has the second highest reach of all magazines surveyed.


    There are also developments within the readership, as the current figures of the AWA show. Accordingly, the readers of the new ADAC Motorwelt have a higher household net income of just under 4000 euros on average compared to the results of the readership before the relaunch in 2019. Motorwelt readers are particularly interested in the topics of holidays and travel and show a high willingness to spend. The spectrum of interests is also large in the field of cars and car tests, science and research as well as consumer electronics. 

    Last year, the former corporate magazine was realigned. Its visual design was enhanced, and a new distribution structure was put in place. In addition, a new approach to content was implemented. The BCNis the general contractor responsible for editing, branding, marketing and distribution alongside production, manufacturing and printing. This helped advance ADAC Motorwelt, turning it into a premium lifestyle magazine and one of Germany’s most successful mobility quarterlies with two million active readers.


    This is also confirmed by associated market research*: Motorwelt has more than doubled its satisfaction ratings among readers since the realignment. On 180 pages, the content focuses on the various facets of mobility and covers topics that literally move people in their everyday lives. More than two-thirds of those surveyed rated the magazine as modern and contemporary as well as a good guide to modern mobility. The duration of use has also increased: Readers spend around 90 minutes with the magazine and pick it up three times on average before 25 per cent of respondents pass it on to neighbours, friends and relatives after having finished their read.


    ‘We are delighted about the good results reported in AWA 2021. The figures prove that ADAC Motor-welt is one of the most successful new magazine launches in recent years. Our 5.9 million readers appreciate the magazine as a premium journalistic product that offers real added value and extensive reading pleasure’.
    Michael SamakBCN Managing Director

    This is the sixth time that ADAC Motorwelthas been published under BCN’s general management. The current issue has lots of content on the European Football Championship, provides 3.8 million sticker sheets free of charge in cooperation with Panini, and also lives up to its lifestyle concept centred on mobile living.


    *ADAC Motorwelt Monitoring revamping| ADAC market research and public opinion polling | komma Forschungs- und Beratungsgesellschaft mbH |10 Nov. 2020 and ADAC usage intensity study_2021, MMI GmbH


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