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    Turn your brand into a story.

    With native advertising, your product will take centre stage in a show produced by our publishers.

    Professional online editorial staff work with you to create a complete native special featuring your product that paints an authentic, relatable picture of your brand in the style of the website in question.

    Editorial, graphic design and marketing staff craft articles and produce videos and engaging teasers that appeal to consumers’ curiosity. The result is relevant content with real added value for your target audience.

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    How you can benefit from native advertising:

  • High-performance placements on popular websites such as freundin.de or InStyle.de or on highly relevant special interest platforms such as ELLE.de, mein-schoener-garten.de, DasKochrezept.de, and many more.
  • Partnership with a motivated editorial team with years of storytelling experience.
  • High acceptance and credibility through co-branding and editorial treatment.
  • Transparent pricing using cost-per-view or cost-per-visit (CPV) model.
  • Stories without limits: Cross-platform native advertising

    Optionally, we offer cross-platform native advertising services: With this service, your native campaign is spread across different publishers, i.e., Hubert Burda Media websites, in line with the campaign targets.

    Thanks to intelligent networking across articles, users are repeatedly exposed to your brand. They explore the topic in greater detail and spend more time in a deeper engagement with your offer.


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