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  • Best for planning (B4P)

    Essential for strategic media planning

    As the first market media study, best for planning makes it possible to plan ahead for media convergence. Since 2013, b4p has been providing comprehensive analysis of media usage and consumer behaviour.

    It also serves as a valuable source of data for all brand managers. The study consolidates all important performance data and key indicators, thereby helping to improve the efficiency of media investments.

    3 key areas: brands, media and people

  • Brands: Know what drives trade. b4p analyses around 2,400 brands in over 120 market areas, making it Germany’s most comprehensive market media study. The study is focuses on analysing purchasing and use behaviour for consumer goods and durables as well as services. b4p compiles individual interests, needs and desires, and evaluates these characteristics with regard to the relevant target group and brand. In addition, it is possible to produce detailed analyses for individual sectors.
  • Media: What is Germany watching, listening to and clicking? b4p has the answers: b4p collects data on 179 magazines, 59 daily newspapers, 11 television stations, all ma radio stations, posters, cinema and smaller media sources based on the model studies from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analyse (agma), or the consortium for media analysis. In addition, b4p evaluates around 811 websites, 373 mobile offerings and 184 apps. This diversity makes it possible to calculate cross-media brand reach. For you, that means stronger insights and more comprehensive planning options.
  • People: b4p reveals the people behind the numbers. In addition to providing thorough demographic research, the study uncovers the interests, motivations, attitudes and desires of the consumers with questions on their attitudes, hobbies, lifestyle and much more. The analysis also covers attitudes toward specific brands. Various target group models focused on typologies, personality factors, socio-economic characteristics, stages of life, social groups and construct types make it possible to draw valuable conclusions.