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    ©Sonja Lekovic, Stocksy

    Harnessing the element of surprise.

    Visibility is the most important currency in the field of online marketing. Using eye-catching special ad formats such as video wall, social cards, emoji ad or our augmented and virtual reality ads, we stage brands and products in exciting new ways to allow you to harness the element of surprise with any target audience.

    Take advantage of our extensive expertise with creative special ad formats – from the ideas phase all the way to the efficient realisation of the final product.

    Our offer for you at a glance:

  • We work together with you to develop creative solutions – from the idea all the way to the professional realisation of the final campaign.
  • Do you already have a finished concept? We will professionally realise your campaign and help you answer all important questions, for example when it comes to programming or publishing.
  • We act as sparring partners for agencies and work together with our partners to develop novel ad forms, the likes of which the World Wide Web has never seen before.
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