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    Advertise on a platform that whets the appetite.

    Television can be truly delicious. BonGusto is the only German-speaking television station that serves its viewers programmes focused on cooking, culinary arts and lifestyle around the clock in both national and international formats.

    The global crème de la crème of food experts and top chefs present culinary highlights from around the world – from authentic street food and breath-taking culinary adventures to traditional, regional cookery, sophisticated haute cuisine and exotic delicacies.

    BonGusto in numbers

  • Over 14 years of experience in food television
  • 24/7 programming
  • Technical range of 1.5 million
  • Core target audience 40–59 years of age, middle to high household net income
  • Extensive distribution via digital cable (all major providers), video on demand, IPTV and the TV SPIELFILM app#
  • With BonGusto, BCN offers you a range of attractive advertising opportunities on a unique food platform:

  • classic ad spots (up to 30 seconds)
  • Sponsoring (from individual forms to complete theme days)
  • Cut-ins (integration in live programmes)
  • Title sponsorship with close tie-in between the brand and a BonGusto format
  • Trailer (approx. 1.5 min in length)
  • Infomercials, such as company portraits (3–4 minutes in length)
  • Specials such as programming or cross-media campaigns
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    Our sales team would be happy to offer a consultation to all advertising opportunities.

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