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    Reach the right target audience – as accurately and effectively as possible.

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    Achieve even greater precision in your online advertising with the right channels from BCN Brand Community Network (BCN).

    An exclusive channel is used to implement advertising across several selected websites, for example in the form of a fashion banner on websites associated with your target group, such as InStyle.de, ELLE.de, Harper’s Bazaar, and other suitable websites. We take great care in narrowing down the target audience according to specific criteria, such as socio-demographic information, interests or environments, in order to minimise wastage and maximise impact.

    Content channels place advertisements in the perfect context. For example, an advertisement for beauty products appears only in the ‘beauty’ section of the relevant websites.

    Whatever you’d like to advertise, our experts will help you select the right strategy for you - please find below a selection of our channels.

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