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    Programmed for success.

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    Ensure maximum visibility among your target audience by taking the initiative and using the best technical options available to you. BCN Brand Community Network (BCN) offers precisely targeted programmatic advertising to achieve your campaign goals. We then display them to users in a targeted manner on the basis of existing user data. This is how we help you to increase the relevance and effectiveness of your campaigns on all channels.

    At BCN, programmatic advertising is a standard component of our comprehensive marketing strategy. Whether it’s desktop, mobile or video advertising, as a member of the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW) and the Programmatic Advertising focus group, we offer you quality and transparency in every area.


    Your programmatic advertising options:

  • Programmatic Guaranteed: Flat-rate CPM, reserved inventory, automatic purchasing; platform, targeting and additional services available.
  • Preferred Deal: Similar to Programmatic Guaranteed, however with flexible inventory.
  • Private Auction: Auction-based eCPM (first price auction), targeted supervision for selected users, fully-automated purchasing; custom channel, targeting and additional services available.
  • Open Auction: Auction-based eCPM (first price auction), performance and bulk buys, fully-automated purchasing.
  • Your advantages at a glance:

  • 19.74 million unique users per month (source: AGOF daily digital facts, German-speaking public aged 16 and over, potential audience of 69.06 million, month of April 2020) on our programmatic platforms.
  • High-quality premium inventory and formats.
  • Precise targeting thanks to first-party BCN data.
  • Different deal type options (Guaranteed, Preferred, Private) with absolute brand safety
  • Best reach for women: Germany’s largest marketer for women
  • Highly transparent
  • Programmatic advertising is available on the following websites:

  • daskochrezept.de
  • deutschlandtest.de
  • eatbetter.de
  • einfachbacken.de
  • einfachkochen.de
  • elle.de
  • esquire.de
  • finanznachrichten.de
  • focus-arztsuche.de
  • focus-tierarzt.de
  • focus-mobility.de
  • focusbusiness.de
  • freundin.de
  • guter-rat.de
  • harpersbazaar.de
  • haus.de
  • instyle.de
  • lust-auf-genuss.de
  • mein-schoener-garten.de
  • meine-familie-und-ich.de
  • mylife.de
  • netdoktor.de
  • netdoktor.at
  • netdoktor.ch
  • onvista.de
  • playboy.de
  • slowlyveggie.de
  • sportsillustrated.de
  • superillu.de
  • wallstreet-online.de
  • Contact

    Hauke Partheil

    Head of Programmatic & Business Development

    BCN Brand Community Network GmbH
    Große Elbstraße 59, 22767 Hamburg