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    Digital out-of-home advertising with CITTADINO


    In contrast to traditional outdoor advertising, DOOH (digital out-of-home) advertising exclusively uses digital advertising spaces such as LCD screens. These spaces are used to communicate marketing content to a highly specific target audience. The form of outdoor advertising is reserved for prominent, high traffic locations, such as motorway rest stops and airports.

    Digital out-of-home advertising is a promising growth market: Every week, DOOH advertisers reach around 75 per cent of the population and nearly 90 per cent of the young, mobile target groups and professional decision-makers. This was revealed in the ‘2019/2020 Public & Private Screens Study’ by GIM (Gesellschaft für Innovative Marktforschung – German Society for Innovative Market Research) on behalf of the Digital Media Institute (DMI).

    In teaming up with CITTADINO, BCN is working with one of the leading suppliers of digital out-of-home solutions in Germany. Working with CITTADINO has enabled us to expand our range of cross-media products and services to a major touchpoint. This in turn allows us to expand ad reach as well as enhance how the target audience is addressed. The Energy Saving Ordinance (EnSikuMaV) of the Federal Government, which has been in force since September 1, 2022, has no impact on the screens marketed by BCN and operated by CITTADINO.

    CITTADINO generates around 400 million ad contacts per month throughout Germany. CITTADINO’s pioneering technologies, which include multichannel and ad server solutions, programmatic advertising and the cross-media extension of advertising content to consumers’ smartphones, ensure the greatest possible advertising efficiency. Taking a calculated approach while adopting the practice of targeting make the effectiveness of advertising scalable. Furthermore, the targeted use of news and entertainment content on screens (via external providers) increases the profile of the advertisement being displayed.

    CITTADINO Airport Screen Waiting Area
    CITTADINO Mall Full Screen
    CITTADINO Mall 1 Screen
    CITTADINO Mall 2 Screens
    CITTADINO Highway Screen inside
    CITTADINO Highway Screen outside

    Your benefits

  • Rapid and significant increase in reach
  • Programmatic booking
  • Airport channel: up to 133 million ad contacts at ten major airports PLUS ‘Addressable Gate TV’ for highly targeted advertising
  • Motorway channel: With 1.3 million annual visitors per facility, Tank & Rast rest stops are the ideal location to expand your visual profile. Using digital screens at 370 exclusive, high traffic locations across Germany, you can reach up to 143 million contacts per month.
  • Mall channel: Extend your campaigns to nearly 40 shopping centres across Germany all the way up to the point of sale (PoS) and reach your target audience where over 70 per cent of purchase decisions are made by relaxed shoppers.
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