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    The most affordable way to try print ads.

    If you would like to advertise in a high-quality environment and you are flexible about placement and publishing dates, then you can take advantage of the major discounts offered with Value Media. Our network partner is an exclusive marketer for popular print magazines from Hubert Burda Media with services offered at surprisingly affordable conditions. These conditions apply to the popular 1/1 4c formats, which are generally sold at short-notice and therefore enjoy advantageous pricing conditions.

    Print advertising has never been better – or easier.

    All you have to do is select a time slot for your advertisement to be published. You can also share any additional requirements for your placement and publication dates using our contact form. We check the requested time slot for your advertisement, and if it is available, we accept your binding offer. Experience first-hand how you can rapidly increase the visibility and interest in your brand using print advertisement.

    How you can benefit from Value Media:

  • Attractive 1/1 4c placements
  • Up to three frequencies per calendar year for each title.
  • Partial coverage by region corresponding to Nielsen market areas.
  • Requested placements and publication slots will be taken into account but cannot be guaranteed.
  • Our Value Media offer for you >> click here.