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    As attention-grabbing as articles. As agile as ads.

    ©Milles Studio, Stocksy

    Strong editorial content with a clear advertising message: Native ads are taking on an ever-greater role in the media landscape.

    And it’s not for nothing. These innovative ad formats have the power to reach and persuade even those who generally disregard standard advertising.

    In addition, native ads are the perfect format to help provide consumers with more information on complex products.

    Five persuasive advantages of native ads:

  • Longer viewing times: Thanks to seamless integration in the editorial offerings, readers engage up to four times longer with native ads than with standard advertising. (19.5 seconds for native ads vs. 4.5 seconds for standard ads. Source: Eye-tracking analysis MMI: 2015–2017; unaided recall)
  • Highly memorable: Native ads show double the consumer ad recall compared with advertisements featuring clear branding. (38 percent for native ads vs. 22 percent for standard ads. Source: Eye-tracking analysis MMI: 2015-2017; unaided recall)
  • Authentic appearance: Emotional, native stories which are persuasive, relatable and relevant to your target audience.
  • Eye-catching messaging: Thanks to their editorial theming, native ads are far more likely to stand out in the flood of information reaching viewers each day, which can include up to 10,000 ads.
  • Strong distinction: Brands can use native advertising to present their strengths and distinguish themselves more clearly from the competition.
  • VILSA mineral water in FoodBoom © VILSA
    Siemens in BUNTE © Siemens
    Jaguar in Playboy © Jaguar
    Interhyp in ELLE Deoration © Interhyp
    Aldi Süd im FOCUS © Aldi Süd
    Jil Sander, Mother's Day campaign in freundin (3 pages) © Jil Sander
    Jil Sander, Mother's Day campaign in freundin (3 pages) © Jil Sander
    Timberland in InStyle © Timberland

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