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    Ad ideas that speak to your customers.

    At BCN Brand Community Network (BCN), Germany’s top print marketer, print is innovative. We offer you a unique range of print ad formats, such as lenticular covers, spiral pop-ups, backing cards with integrated product samples and much, much more. BCN is synonymous with quality. With our diverse array of products, we offer you custom ideas for your campaigns and produce the selected advertising products. In addition, we offer comprehensive services that cover every step of the process for you.

    Ad specials help audiences to understand brands

    With ad specials, you harness the element of surprise: Provide your target audience with sensory experiences and give your product the visibility it deserves. In fact, ad specials have been proven to be more effective than conventional ads. Ad special

  • Boast 52 percent higher visibility for the ad messaging.
  • Boost viewer emotionality by 33 percent.
  • Increase viewer perception of relevance by 14 percent.
  • Raise long-term recall by 30 percent.
  • (Source: HBM Ad Specials Study 2015, SST parameters (mean value across all ad specials tested, n=336 participants)


    Looking for a point of contact?

    Do you like to craft exciting sensory experiences to increase the credibility of your advertising and boost acceptance of your product with your target audience? Our sales team would be happy to offer a consultation.

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