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    Ad ideas that speak to your customers.

    At the BCN Brand Community Network (BCN), the top print marketer in Germany, print is innovative: from the classic banderole to inserts with finishes or individual implementations with personalization. This diversity enables us to provide you with tailor-made ideas for your campaign and immediately offer the appropriate implementation. And all this with an all-round service that means you really don't have to worry about anything. Quality is tangible with us.

    Get an idea of our range of services for yourself with the help of the implementation examples listed below.

    Print is a clean business!

    The German Printing and Media Industries Federation (bvdm) has calculated how much carbon dioxide is emitted by the manufacturing printing industry in Germany. The result: the CO2 value of all print products in Germany accounts for less than one percent of the footprint left by a person in this country per year.

    With its calculation, the bvdm refutes numerous non-evidence-based accusations and prejudices that the printing industry does not operate sustainably. In fact, print products are probably among the most sustainable communication tools. Give your target group sensory moments with an Ad Special and give your offer the attention it deserves.

    More information at https://www.bvdm-online.de/themen/umwelt/der-co2-fussabdruck-von-print/

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    Do you like to craft exciting sensory experiences to increase the credibility of your advertising and boost acceptance of your product with your target audience? Our sales team would be happy to offer a consultation.

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