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    Perfect for anyone who needs to act fast.

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    When you’re in a hurry, we guarantee you the fastest express booking for advertisements with all German magazine publishers.

    Our express booking service has been a standard component of BCN for many years, and even in our fast-paced media business environment, it’s one of a kind.

    Just four business days prior to initial publication

    Spontaneous market partners love the short lead time* between the booking date and the date of publication. You can book an advertisement just four business days prior to initial publication.

    * expenditure-related audit/clarification at sammelanfragen-placement(at)adtechfactory.com

    Express booking is available for the following publications:

    BUNTE, burda style, Das Haus, ELLE, FOCUS, FOCUS-MONEY, Frau im Trend, FREIZEIT REVUE plus, freundin, Gartenspaß, GLÜCKS REVUE, Guter Rat, InStyle, Lisa, Lisa Blumen & Pflanzen, Lisa Kochen & Backen, Lisa Wohnen & Dekorieren, Lust auf Genuss, Mein Buffet, meine Familie & ich, Mein schöner Garten, neue woche, SUPERillu, TV SPIELFILM plus, WOHNEN & GARTEN as well as all titles of the KLAMBT Media Group marketed by us.

    Requirements for express booking:

  • Express bookings require a 1/1 format.
  • Artwork must be delivered using www.duon-portal.de.
  • Placement agreements are not available.
  • Return claims for quality and placement do not apply.
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