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    Discover the radiance of our brands for your business!

    We offer innovative licensing partnerships and emotional brand experiences. Brands offer security, symbolize lifestyle and create trust and identification. As emotional added value, they ensure awareness and visibility for the end consumer and facilitate listing in retail.

    Use our strong and well-known brands for your products and services!

    Our portfolio includes all Burda brands as well as external brands and forms the basis for holistic as well as creative cooperations, which are staged via our various Burda platforms with a wide reach and across all media.

    From kids to best agers, we reach all target groups for creative collaborations with our brand portfolio.


    New in our brand portfolio: our kids brands for exciting and promising licensed products and promotions

    • TKKG, TKKG Junior, Die Fuchsbande, Teufelskicker and Die Punkies from Sony Family Entertainment
    • Die drei !!! from Franckh-Kosmos publishing house
    • Anouk – the children's brand from Tabaluga Enterprises, under which the children's and audio book "Anouk, die nachts auf Reisen geht" by Hendrikje Balsmeyer and Peter Maffay was published.

    We offer you two different license cooperations:

    Product license: development of own products under the (co-)sender of our strong brand

    Promotion license: Existing products are presented with a promotion/recommendation branding with one of our brands

    This is what you get from us:

    • Strong brand/logo as branding on the product, on promotional material and in your communication
    • Cross-divisional 360° degree staging across all Burda channels
    • Authentic storytelling along the entire customer journey
    • Excellent target group and brand approach and knowledge
    • Support in the staging by editorial and graphic staff


    Your licensing benefits:

  • Image transfer
  • Repositioning
  • Up-selling
  • New customer generation
  • Strengthening of the buying impulse
  • Increase in sales and turnover
  • Expansion of listing in the trade
  • Differentiation from market participants
  • Get inspired by our best cases!

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