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    Living the dream of freedom and mobility

    Living the dream of freedom and mobility

    Sunsets over the sea, the soothing view of mountains or water – the new issue of ADAC Motorwelt addresses these longings by focusing on a rediscovered vacation trend: camping. Germany’s highest-circulation mobility magazine is available to ADAC Club members as of today. It shows, and not for the first time, that mobility is so much more than just movement – it’s a lifestyle!


    Longing for travelling

    As a modern guide to mobility, ADAC Motorwelt is not only about providing high-quality entertainment, but also about presenting solutions. This makes it relevant to our readers in their everyday lives. Let’s take the question of where to spend the next vacation. Nearly half of those surveyed in the latest ADAC tourism study replied that they will most likely travel to a domestic destination this summer, as did author Fabian Herrmann. The account of his impressions and experiences made while camping in southern Germany also includes useful, hands-on information. For example, the article provides tips for families with small children on how to turn traveling by car into a stress-free experience.


    Camping vacations as a (re)discovered mode of travel are gaining new momentum, not least thanks to a new generation of vans and campervans. Change is emblematic of the whole subject of mobility. The ADAC has long embraced new mobility concepts. For example, the ‘Yellow Angels’ are no longer exclusively deployed in the familiar yellow roadside assistance vehicle; in keeping with the times, today’s fleet also includes e-bikes, quads and, of course, electric cars. The future of mobility also forms an integral part of the club magazine: The current issue, for instance, features a comprehensively researched overview of ‘autonomous driving’, which focuses on the current state of the art as well as hurdles that still need to be overcome as well as the present legal situation.


    Take a look at the mix of topics in ADAC Motorwelt!

    Here you will find the editorial highlights of the upcoming issue!

    Check the platforms now!

    A midsummer football dream

    ADAC Motorwelt also stirs up excitement about the upcoming European Championship: In addition to a short interview with former national player and this year’s European Championship Ambassador Philipp Lahm, each issue includes a PANINI sticker sheet with nine European Championship stickers, a free giveaway that is available exclusively in ADAC Motorwelt.


    With ADAC Motorwelt, mobility of today and tomorrow is covering a lot of ground: Each issue of the premium magazine reaches more than two million pick-up customers, making it one of the most highly circulated magazines in the country. These are the impressive performance figures of the popular magazine that moves readers with stirring content and emotional imagery!

    For more infos on ADAC Motorwelt click here: https://bcn.burda.com/brands/national/title/adac-motorwelt

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