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    Countdown for ADAC Motorwelt

    At the beginning of February, the machines in Nuremberg’s Burda print shop worked for five days and nights to print the magazines. 52,000 copies per hour were sent down the line for further processing. The result after one week: over five million printed copies. And that’s not the only respectable number. “Altogether the assembled and bound magazines would make a 25,000-metre-tall stack, corresponding to the height of 85 Eiffel towers,” says Ingo Raab, Head of Sales and Business Development. The weight of all the copies totals 1,300 tons, which is equivalent to 850 mid-sized cars. “This really is an outstanding order for us. Five million is a sporting number and a challenge we were happy to face. We are proud of the result,” Raab says. By the way, the paper used for the order was produced in the region: the wood comes from the Bavarian Forest and the paper plant is located in Bavaria as well.

    ADAC and Burda entered into a strategic partnership last year for the purposes of revamping ADAC Motorwelt. Since January of 2020, BCN as the general contractor is responsible for editing, branding, marketing and distribution alongside production, manufacturing and printing. ADAC remains the publisher of ADAC Motorwelt and editor-in-chief Martin Kunz continues to be responsible for its content. The editorial concept was designed by the agency Storyboard. Under the direction of Burda and BCN, the trades are precisely linked: directly after printing, the five million copies are starting their journey across Germany this week, making their way to more than 9,100 Edeka supermarkets, Netto Marken-Discount supermarkets and 300 ADAC branches and service centres. Once they arrive, they will be prominently displayed in the supermarkets in special yellow stand-up displays – until they can be picked by members presenting their membership card at the beginning of March.

    The new ADAC Motorwelt offers information, inspiration and services across 100 pages – in a tangibly higher-quality look and feel.  The magazine focuses on different aspects of life on the road, travel and ways of reaching your destination. To make this feeling come to life, a prominent duo tells about their own mobile lifestyle in each edition. Actor Elyas M’Barek and director Simon Verhoeven are doing the honours in the first edition. Personalities such as journalist Anja Rützel (event tips in the ‘Agenda’ section) and long jump world champion Malaika Mihambo (‘Mein letztes Mal’, final page) have their say as well.

    Journalist Meike Winnemuth and star chef Holger Stromberg are also among the regular contributors to ADAC Motorwelt. As an added highlight, each issue includes a supplement of at least 20 pages put together by the ADAC regional clubs. It contains extra information and reports particular to the reader’s respective region. ADAC Motorwelt has taken a big leap forward, not only with its content but also in terms of advertising. BCN successfully marketed all 24 advertising pages in the first edition. Recapturing the core passenger vehicle market was a key objective here. This is because car makers – especially Germany’s – were no longer booking space in the former ADAC Motorwelt. The goal was reached with large-scale formats from car makers among the advertising customers: Mercedes (2/1: opening spread), Mazda (1/1), Opel (1/1). Not only comprehensive distribution but also an activation campaign developed by b.famous ensures that club members will take their magazine home when they shop at the supermarket in the future.