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  • Einfach. Sicher. Weiter: The new ADAC Motorwelt has arrived!

    Available to all ADAC club members as of today, the latest issue of ADAC Motorwelt promises to provide true reading enjoyment. Motorwelt’s current issue offers readers inspiration on making choices affecting their everyday lives, leisure time and holidays. But it also provides advice and help on topics such as buying a car. The large special section of Germany’s largest circulating mobility magazine helps readers navigate the plethora of models and innovative drive systems available today.

    And if we take a look into the future, we see that our mobility options will become even more diverse: Drones, air taxis and other flying vehicles are opening up completely new possibilities in urban air mobility. The cover story has readers looking forward to summer months with ideas to inspire them to spend their holiday closer to home. How about traversing the lake district of the Uckermark region on a houseboat? The editors gave it a try and they now reveal their tips and tricks for a holiday at the helm of a boat.

    This issue’s tried-and-tested double interview unites two famous German actors, Uwe Ochsenknecht and Claudia Michelsen. Among other things, they discuss performing rehearsals via video conference and reliability in filming. They also tell readers why they are afraid of driving classic and antique cars.


    ADAC Motorwelt is read regularly and consulted again and again

    This issue of ADAC Motorwelt is the fifth one to have been produced and distributed by BCN acting in its capacity as ADAC’s main contractor. With the magazine’s innovative mix of topics regarding everyday mobility, it also proves that high-quality entertainment is just as important as the latest news in mobility: For example, the column ‘ADAC Monitor’ examines in this issue how satisfied car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and public transit users are with their local mobility options.


    Take a look at the mix of topics in ADAC Motorwelt!

    Here you will find the editorial highlights of the upcoming issue!

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    By the way, we now have black and white proof that the content is well received by readers. According to a recent reader survey*, ADAC Motorwelt users spend an average of 90 minutes reading the magazine. More than half of the respondents even collect the magazine or pass it on to friends and acquaintances. A special added bonus is the magazine in the magazine with specific topics for individual regions and relevant content for readers.

    Our distribution staff also fulfilled a promise of mobility made by ADAC Motorwelt and once again delivered the new issue to the 10,000 EDEKA and Netto supermarkets in the past few weeks, despite difficult weather conditions!

    The next ADAC Motorwelt will be published on 20 May 2021. Secure your advertising space in the upcoming issue now!

    * ADAC reader survey| online survey in Respondi Panel, survey period: December 2020