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    Mobile. While staying safe! ADAC Motorwelt accompanies you safely through the winter

    Don’t expect to get the winter blues if you pick up the latest issue of ADAC Motorwelt, even if the outside temperatures are gradually dropping. Germany’s highest-circulation mobility magazine provides an appealing range of articles on all aspects of the winter season for the last issue of 2021. For example, in the Mobile cosmos section, you can take a peek behind the scenes in a skiing region. What’s more, ADAC Motorwelt compiled a list of seven places across Germany for die-hard fans of the frozen life to go if they want to get in some winter swimming. And for those less bold readers when winter rolls around, there is a curated selection of six locations around the world with sunnier outlooks.

    (New) mobility also needs safety concepts

    Once again, the new ADAC Motorwelt offers its approximately 21 million ADAC Club members a wide range of expert knowledge in service topics, in addition to high-quality entertainment. For example, the big ADAC winter tyre test, for which the ADAC tested and evaluated 34 models in two sizes. Safety, one of ADAC’s core areas of expertise, is also in the focus while discussing the future topic. ADAC Motorwelt investigates three approaches that industry, the scientific community and urban planners can implement to make mobility (even) safer in the future. Getting home again: The ADAC Ambulance service has an air rescue intensive care unit to make sure people get home again, bringing 1,400 patients back to Germany every year. After having accompanied a return transport from Albania and Serbia, ADAC Motorwelt editor Gordon Detels provides exciting insights into the everyday work of the air rescue ambulance in his report.

    The ambitious mix of topics in this issue of ADAC Motorwelt addresses the changing social and ecological demands on mobility and inspires 5.9 million readers (Allensbacher Markt und Werbeträgeranalyse 2021) with expert content for a mobile lifestyle.

    Insights into the magazine

    The next issue of ADAC Motorwelt will be published on March 10, 2022. The advertising deadline is already January 10, 2022!

    Further information is available in the brand section at: ADAC Motorwelt at BCN The Brand Community Network (brand-community-network.de)

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