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    ADAC Motorwelt: what moves us in the future

    The IAA Mobility Trade Fair, which will take place in Munich from 7 to 12 September 2021, will give the people in attendance a comprehensive idea of how mobility will change in the future. In addition to automotive innovations, the fair will also focus on bicycles and environmentally-friendly concepts. The latest issue of ADAC Motorwelt, which ADAC members can get their hands on from today, is also dedicated to the topic of new mobility and (in addition to highlights from the IAA) dives into eight ground-breaking mobility trends, ranging from individualisation and digital networking to mobility without a car.

    New means of transportation and revamped classics

    The future may not (only) lie in electromobility. At least, that’s the belief of the team at Sonnenwagen Aachen (in Aachen, Germany), which is developing a solar car with the financial support of the ADAC Stiftung (ADAC Foundation). They hope it will grab them a proverbial place in the sun in the highly competitive field of promising drive technologies. Speaking of alternative drives, our story on a research ship that runs on methanol is ample proof that alcohol on the high seas doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with drunken sailors.

    Even though this magazine is characterised by topics relating to the future of mobility, conventional means of transport are by no means left by the wayside. The bicycle is steadily becoming the preferred transport option in urban areas. For small families living in these areas, the cargo bike has established itself as a way to take the whole family on short journeys. The big ADAC crash test examines whether the cargo bike also offers the level of safety you would expect of a method of transportation tasked with taking the entire family where they need to go. Our extensive travel report will have the hearts of all rail enthusiasts beating faster. Author Gero Günther and his wife made a long-awaited dream come true by taking the night train from Munich to Venice and found out that there’s no better way to travel!

    As you can see, this year’s third issue continues to offer the tried-and-tested mix of expert information and service topics paired with high-quality journalistic entertainment that our readers appreciate. ADAC Motorwelt inspires 5.9 million readers with its in-depth and future-oriented content about mobile lifestyle, securing it the second highest reach of all magazines surveyed in the AWA 2021 ranking.


    You can find out more about ADAC Motorwelt here: ADAC Motorwelt at BCN | Burda Community Network