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    Going on holiday – making discoveries with ADAC MOTORWELT Germany

    Spring is just around the corner – which means that time of year is almost upon us when we start planning our next getaway. The ADAC MOTORWELT spring issue, which is once again available for all club members as of today, reveals the most beautiful destinations in Germany that are at least worth a visit.


    Attractive travel destinations, bike special and the big summer tyre test

    Going on holiday in Germany was certainly the biggest travel trend in recent years. The current issue of ADAC MOTORWELT now presents around ten pages of traditional and unexpected destinations for excursions and holidays which can be comfortably reached or traversed by train, car, public transport or bike.

    Even those drawn to somewhat more distant places will still get a lot out of this current issue. In a large-scale report, ADAC MOTORWELT compares travel by train with travel by air and uses specific travel routes to reveal the pros and cons of trips on the rails and in the sky.  Readers will be able to get an idea of how environmentally-friendly travel will look in the future as regards innovations in the rail and flight sector.

    At the same time, spring is also the herald of the biking season: in its big bike special, ADAC MOTORWELT lay outs all the essentials – from spring inspections to cycling tips, bike models and accessories, all the way to the services of the ADAC.

    Also in this issue: international footballers Lina Magull and Sydney Lohmann explain in an interview what they think their odds are of winning the Women’s World Cup in Australia. The largest ADAC tyre test of all time: fifty models for its 50th anniversary – now with environmental footprint criteria. The final mark is composed of individual scores in the area of driving safety and environmental footprint.


    ADAC MOTORWELT impresses readers with a mix of useful content and high-quality entertainment journalism. The membership magazine, which is issued four times a year and is published and distributed by BCN acting in its capacity as ADAC’s main contractor, boasts 6.63 million readers, making it the second largest magazine according to the latest market and advertising media reach analysis of the ma 2023 I.


    The next issue of ADAC MOTORWELT will be published on 25 May 2023. The deadline for advertisements is set for 23 March 2023.

    You can find more information in the brand section at:

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