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    ADAC and BCN are extending their partnership on ADAC MOTORWELT

    ADAC has extended the contract for the production and distribution of ADAC MOTORWELT, its exclusive magazine for members, with BCN for several years before it was set to expire. This move means that BCN continues to be responsible for editing, branding, marketing and distribution alongside production, manufacturing and printing.


    The continuation of the contract with BCN is a strategic statement, as ADAC board member Lars Soutschka emphasises:


    We continue to deliberately rely on print in our communication, in addition to the very successful digital channels of ADAC such as adac.de. After all, the premium-quality magazine for ADAD members is a high-quality service offering that is included in the membership fee. The pleasing development of the sales figures and the growing reach of ADAC MOTORWELT – even despite the declining trend in the industry – shows that it remains a very important communication channel for ADAC with its approximately 21.3 million members.
    Lars SoutschkaBoard Member ADAC

    BCN Managing Director Burkhard Graßmann comments on the decision:


    We are very pleased that ADAC will continue to place its trust in us to further develop ADAC MOTORWELT, an ever-so important communication channel for the company, keeping our sights set on its more than 21 million members. Together, we have managed one of the most successful magazine launches in recent years, because ADAC MOTORWELT, with over two million active collects, is the mobility magazine with the widest reach in Germany. A success story that we want to continue.
    Burkhard GraßmannManaging Director BCN

    ADAC MOTORWELT secured the third highest reach of all magazines surveyed by Allensbach market and advertising media analysis (Allensbacher Markt und Werbeträgeranalyse, AWA) 2022. Unlike the majority of the top 50 magazines in this ranking, ADAC’s exclusive magazine for members was able to gain 180,000 readers compared to 2021, with currently 6.04 million readers per issue. The 3.1-per-cent increase is a particular success in light of a completely new magazine and distribution concept and the challenges posed by the global pandemic. The new face of ADAC MOTORWELT is clearly the most successful mobility magazine in Germany.

    The former member magazine was realigned in 2020. Its visual design was enhanced, and a new distribution structure was put in place. In addition, a new approach to content was implemented. The BCN Brand Community Network was commissioned with editing, branding, marketing, distribution, production, manufacturing and printing. ADAC MOTORWELT continues to be published by ADAC e.V., with Martin Kunz serving as editor-in-chief.


    The popular regional magazines that supplement each issue of ADAC MOTORWELT and report in detail on mobility topics in the respective region account for a good part of the overall success.

    ADAC MOTORWELT is exclusively for ADAC members. They can collect their copy of the magazine at ADAC or at over 11,000 branches of the Netto supermarkets as well as participating Edeka supermarkets.

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