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  • ADAC MOTORWELT – Easy. Safe. Mobile.

    "ADAC strives to communicate with over 21 million members, using only premium quality – this being the Motorwelt. The club magazine provides readers with the latest test reports from ADAC engineers and exclusive features that showcase the most important trends from the world of mobility, guaranteeing a surprising and entertaining experience.

    ADAC MOTORWELT's new identity: We guide our members whilst they explore the future of mobility – staying informative, taking a critical approach and maintaining a positive tone. We strive to be credible, trustworthy and address relevant topics that impact our reader’s daily lives. Quality creates relevance among the target audience." Martin Kunz (Editor-in-chief of ADAC MOTORWELT)

    ADAC Motorwelt Cover


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    Find your point of contact

    Key data

    Frequency of publication 4 times p.a.
    Base price (1/1 4c page) 70,500 EUR1
    Pickup 2.09 m
    Total readership 6.65 m2
    Editorship Martin Kunz
    1 Prices valid from 01.01.2024
    2 ma 2023 Pressemedien II

    Detailed readership profile


    Mill. % Index
    Men 5,09 76,6 155
    Women 1,56 23,4 46


    Mill. % Index
    14 - 19 years 0,11 1,7 26
    20 - 29 years 0,36 5,4 42
    30 - 39 years 0,68 10,2 67
    40 - 49 years 1,13 17,0 123
    50 - 59 years 1,62 24,3 133
    60 - 69 years 1,57 23,6 153
    70 and over 1,18 17,8 100


    Mill. % Index
    Comprehensive school 0,06 0,9 21
    Secondary school, no professional training 0,28 4,2 63
    Secondary school, professional training 1,62 24,4 105
    Secondary school, no A levels 1,97 29,6 100
    A levels, no degree 1,07 16,1 93
    A levels, degree 1,65 24,9 132

    Net income

    Mill. % Index
    Below 1,000 EUR 0,10 1,6 28
    1,000 up to below 1,250 EUR 0,13 2,0 56
    1,250 up to below 1,500 EUR 0,17 2,5 57
    1,500 up to below 2,000 EUR 0,59 8,9 82
    2,000 up to below 2,500 EUR 0,76 11,4 100
    2,500 up to below 3,000 EUR 0,98 14,8 130
    3,000 EUR and more 3,91 58,9 112
    ma 2023 Pressemedien II



  • Our quality promise: The modern magazine concept of the ADAC MOTORWELT serves a very broad range of topics with a focus on current and future mobility topics. Through the high-grade haptics, we convey tangible quality.
  • Our distribution concept has established itself. We have broken new ground with the distribution concept via EDEKA and Netto stores. ADAC members are thus reached in their everyday lives in Germany. The figures confirm this approach: over 2 million active pick-up customers per issue who do not miss their ADAC MOTORWELT - that is a very conscious decision.
  • A broad range of topics and recurring exciting sections offer almost every industry the right environment for your brand communication.
  • impressions of issue 01/20


    The ADAC MOTORWELT - a leading magazine in the world of mobility

    The ADAC MOTORWELT is adapting to the everchanging dynamics of mobility. Society’s changing views and requirements of modern mobility form the thematic focus of this magazine. By following this approach, the ADAC MOTORWELT is developing into a cutting-edge, meaningful and innovative medium.


    • is substantial, profound and promises high quality content,
    • is inspired by seasonal content,
    • impresses with a significantly upgraded look and feel,
    • contains an impressive array of opulent photojournalism, VIP insights, interviews, a revamped service section and much more.


    Different regional magazines are distributed with ADAC MOTORWELT in the following regions:

    1. The North [* Schleswig-Holstein, Weser Ems and Hansa]
    2. North Rhine-Westphalia [* Eastwestphalia-Lippe, Westphalia and North Rhine]
    3. Middle Rhine Palatinate Saarland [* Middle Rhine, Palatinate and Saarland] - appears only 3 x
    4. South Baden Wuerttemberg [* South Baden and Württemberg]
    5. Bavaria [* Northern Bavaria and Southern Bavaria]
    6. Berlin-Brandenburg [* Berlin and Brandenburg]
    7. Saxony Thuringia Hesse [* Saxony, Thuringia and Hesse]

    The regional magazines will be published in different editions depending on the size of the area.

    (*participating regional clubs. The regional clubs of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and North Baden do not participate)


    The distribution network of the ADAC MOTORWELT is based on strategic placements within retail areas. The magazine is available in the following locations throughout all of Germany:

    • 9,275 EDEKA and Netto supermarkets
    • Over 300 ADAC branches, including ADAC travel agencies and ADAC safety driving centres

    The ADAC MOTORWELT is exclusively available for ADAC members and is free of charge on presentation of their ADAC membership card.

    ADAC supported the launch with an awareness-grabbing marketing campaign using TV, radio, print, digital and POS measures.