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    Nothing is more interesting to people than people. When it comes to stars and royals, BUNTE is the leading media brand for high-quality people journalism in Germany. From personal interviews to private home stories and exciting events – BUNTE offers insights into the lives of celebrities.

    With the largest cross-media brand in the German people segment, you can reach your target audience through every channel – print, online, mobile, social media, events and web TV formats – and thus become part of the most important events in our society.

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    Main target audience

    BUNTE has been appealing to a very broad target audience for decades, and is considered a guarantee of high-quality journalism. On the digital side, BUNTE.de is also targeting a social-media savvy audience that wants to stay informed 24/7.

    [Source readers/users per month: b4p 2023 I, cross media brand reach]