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    As the main medium of the entertainment industry, BUNTE recognizes the most creative talents at the NEW FACES AWARDS each year – thus drawing the media's attention to the stars of tomorrow. Every big career has a starting point, a catalyst. Every star was once waiting to be discovered and given support. Every big celebrity has mentors that have accompanied them on every step of their journey. Every day, we are searching for new faces, new personalities, characters and talents. BUNTE’s goal is to scour the world of entertainment, art and culture and sift through the latest trends and hypes in order to find the stars of tomorrow. Personalities whose careers will start here.

    Personalities that are accompanied, supported and celebrated by BUNTE: NEW FACES AWARD – the cradle of the stars.

    BUNTE New Faces


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    Find your point of contact

    BUNTE New Faces Highlight


  • The NEW FACES AWARD is the young event brand of BUNTE and stands for talent, creativity and success.
  • Use of the New Faces logo for own communication measures.
  • Attractive opportunities for cooperation, sponsorship and much more.
  • Since 1998 glamorous award ceremony followed by a party for invited guests (celebrities, influencers, business).
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    Sponsoring NEW FACES AWARD

    Sponsoring the NEW FACES AWARDS offers a perfect combination of media volume and an eye-catching presence for your brand on site. We offer industry exclusivity at the NEW FACES AWARD.

    You can see more impressions here on Instagram.