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  • BUNTE.DE - The No. 1 content destination for women

    As a journalistic institution, BUNTE.DE stands for high-quality online journalism and excels with topicality and exclusivity.

    We always have a finger on the pulse: We move alongside our target audience and reach them, in particular, with high-quality video and social content as well as exciting editorial articles.

    We always know what’s going on in the world of the royals, stars & starlets.

    Exciting news on family, health, beauty and fashion accompany our users.

    We reach our users on the website, in social media, through podcasts and events



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    Find your point of contact

    Key data

    Portalname BUNTE.DE
    Visits 34.99 m1
    Facebook Fans 1.07 m2
    Instagram 525,0002
    Pinterest 83,8002
    TikTok 50,3002
    1 IVW Q4/23
    2 Januar 2024, publisher's statement

    Why BUNTE.DE?

  • On BUNTE.DE, our users sit in the front row to experience what’s happening in the world of the stars: With up-to-the-minute celebrity news, live formats and a direct link to the VIPs they won’t miss any news, royal baby or Hollywood event.
  • For our users, the best time of the day starts on BUNTE.DE: their me-time! With our content we offer them a welcome break from everyday madness. Because here is where they find topics that make them happy.
  • When it comes to stars and lifestyle we offer full-scale editorial expertise. With our expert knowledge on all topics we underline our journalistic standards in all channels.
  • BUNTE.de
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    The most significant and successful magazine for women in Germany, with one of the highest reading duration rates and very high social engagement rates.

    BUNTE.DE is modern, innovative and creative. We have a strong and positive brand image, a brand-safe advertising platform and a very attractive target audience.

    The wide range of topics covered on BUNTE.DE offers comprehensive cross-industry and cross-topic advertising opportunities.

    Customised, creative concepts guarantee attention. We have a nose for the right topics and make them successful with creativity and thorough analyses – native advertising, influencer marketing or branded content, display or social.

    We offer transparent campaign tracking and conclusive reports.

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