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    FOR OUR PLANET: Now also available as a standalone magazine at newsagents

    The second issue of FOR OUR PLANET, the BurdaVerlag magazine that helps readers make sustainable living easy, will be published in September. The magazine – which started out as a supplement in wide-reaching Burda titles – will now be available as a standalone magazine on newsstands.


    With the magazine, we are taking a decisive step towards our goal of establishing sustainability as a mainstream topic. Our content delivers in-depth knowledge in an easy-to-understand way, brings impact initiatives to the forefront and gives people who are leading by example a voice. The feedback from the market has been very positive, which is why the magazine will be available as a standalone on newsstands as of September. We have no doubt struck a chord with this highly heterogeneous target group. In particular, the depth at which we discuss sustainability issues is being appreciated’, states Tanja Ferkau, Editorial Director For Our Planet Magazine.
    Tanja FerkauEditorial Director FOR OUR PLANET Magazin

    The concept of the magazine is based on the principle ASK, ACT, CHANGE and presents the topic of sustainability in a socially relevant manner. In this way, the magazine aims at offering readers orientation, information and impulses to deal with the consequences of climate change and to take action with joy.

    ASK focuses on informative, fact-oriented approaches to the topic of sustainable lifestyle and offers competent answers from experts, scientists and doers. In the magazine section, ACT presents lavish portraits and reports on people who are leading the way and making a difference. The consumer section of the magazine, entitled CHANGE, is dedicated to presenting consumption as a powerful lever. FOR OUR PLANET presents products and services that help make our everyday life more sustainable, with tips on how readers can make changes to their own behaviour.

    The current issue focuses on a wide range of topics from design, fashion and living to food, construction, lifestyle and finance.


    Among other things, the magazine explores the question of what needs to happen for sustainability and equal opportunities to finally reach the world of high finance. Among other things, the magazine presents products designed to please the eye while also bringing peace of mind and a clear conscience. The creators behind the designs also get to tell their side of the story. The Food section is about the future of eating. FOR OUR PLANET presents the latest trends in the food industry across the globe and explores the question of what the world would be like if everyone ate organic. Construction and housing account for roughly one third of global CO2 emissions. The issue of sustainable building is a pressing one, which is why the magazine addresses it in detail.

    This time, the Fashion section is dedicated to the latest promising materials such as pineapple, paper, salmon skin and recycled wool, showing how they can be put to use in fashion, design and living. Also in this issue: The best destinations in southern Germany and why it’s OK to travel there.

    All platforms are available in the platform planner tool.

    The next issue of the FOR OUR PLANET print magazine will be published on 23 September 2022. The advertising deadline for issue #2 is 29 July 2022. The deadline for printing material is 5 August 2022.

    You can find more information about FOR OUR PLANET here:

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