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    FOR OUR PLANET: a new magazine for a sustainable lifestyle

    FOR OUR PLANET is a holistic journalistic initiative of BurdaVerlag and its medias that supports the fight against climate change as the most urgent challenge of our time. The associated magazine for sustainable change showcases the new sustainable lifestyle as a fun unifying theme. The magazine presents the topic in a socially relevant way, thus providing readers with orientation, information and inspiring ideas to deal with the consequences of climate change and to do so with joy. Sticking with the motto ‘FOP Next Level’, the magazine will be receiving another qualitative uplift this year, and it will also be renamed to FOR OUR PLANET MAGAZIN (formerly Klimagazin).

    The magazine focuses on leaders and difference-makers, gamechangers, partners in crime or silent heroes – people of all types who all have one thing in common: the fight against the climate and biodiversity crisis and the need for social transformation. The FOR OUR PLANET print magazine shows how sustainability can be implemented in everyday life – while having fun. Because if it isn’t sustainable, it cannot be a lifestyle; and that’s what makes this a mainstream issue.

    We want to use our FOR OUR PLANET publications to inform and inspire people and companies, but above all, to mobilise them to act more sustainably – for the good of our planet. Our content delivers in-depth knowledge in an easy-to-understand way, brings impact initiatives to the forefront and gives people who are leading by example a voice.
    Tanja FerkauEditor-in-Chief, FOR OUR PLANET

    The Gamechanger section of this year’s first issue introduces people who are preparing soils for healthier and more sustainable food. The feature series takes a look at farms and sustainable food production. And because great challenges also need effective partnerships, the Partners in Crime section presents an illustrative example to show how borders can be overcome by implementing a circular economy in the healthcare sector and at home. The Fashion section features a photo series on sustainable substitutes for the clothing industry, and on top of that, sustainable life hacks can be found in the Beauty & Living section – just to name a few of the topics.

    The magazine uses carefully chosen main topics in the Food, Healthcare & Home, Mobility, Tech & Energy and Finance & Services sections, as well as in the Fashion & Luxury and Beauty & Living lifestyle segments, to show just how broadly the topic of sustainability is.

    Sustainable platforms for your brand communication

    Not only in the areas of Food, Health, Home, Mobility, Tec & Energy, Finance & Services - but also in lifestyle segments such as Fashion & Luxury and Beauty & Living.

    Matching platforms? That way.

    FOR OUR PLANET Magazine Info

    The first issue of the FOR OUR PLANET print magazine is published as a supplement in BurdaVerlag’s wide-reaching titles FOCUS, ELLE and HARPER’s BAZAAR.

    The (extended) advertising deadline for issue #1 is 1 April 2022. The deadline for printing material is 8 April 22.

    You can find more information about FOR OUR PLANET here.

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