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    For our Planet launches Klimagazin, a series of special publications

    BurdaVerlag launched a journalistic initiative two weeks ago called ‘For Our Planet’, with the aim of raising awareness of global climate change as the biggest challenge of our time. BurdaVerlag aims to promote sustainability through its own products and services under a publishing brand also named ‘For Our Planet’. Special journalistic publications and a sustainability conference are among the initial offerings to emerge from the new publishing unit.


    Kicking off the planned series of special publications is the first issue of the recently established ‘Klimagazin’ on the topic of ‘Money for a greener world’, which will be enclosed in FOCUS on 29 May, FOCUS MONEY on 2 June and CHIP Magazine on 4 June.


    For Our Planet Klimagazin is a sustainability publication that presents expert knowledge on key climate and environmental protection topics in a clever, refreshingly different way and with practical added value, providing new perspectives on this major economic and social challenge.


    “The new Klimagazin presents the political and economic aspects of sustainability in a socially relevant way. We offer fact-based environmental journalism with added value, following the principles of credibility, relevance and verification.”
    Sweelin HeussHead of Programme & Services of For Our Planet and editor-in-chief of Klimagazin

    With its unique environmental features concept, Klimagazin is aimed at discerning readers seeking valuable guidance on the topic of the century – climate and environmental protection – and is published across all of Burda’s media as a supplement.

    Klimagazin is published twice a year and is enclosed with various media from BurdaVerlag, depending on the main topic. The deadlines for issue 1 are as follows: extended closing date on 26 April 2021, copy date for printer’s on copy 3 May 2021.

    You can find more information about Klimagazin here.

    Click here for the topics in Klimagazin.

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