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    Procter & Gamble and Burda launch emotional campaign targeting people over 50

    Procter & Gamble is starting a campaign for the Easter holidays that focuses on happy moments with grandparents as part of its #StrongerTogether initiative. BCN is expanding its comprehensive #StrongerTogether cross-media concept to include the target group of “Best Agers”. This campaign is being rolled out together with Burda media such as Lisa, Freizeit Revue, Frau im Trend, SuperIllu and Burda’s influencer marketing unit, brands you love.

    100 Ambassadors, diverse content und a new target group

    This socially-oriented campaign seeks to turn parents and grandparents into influencers. Under the hashtag #StrongerTogether, they post impressions of the most beautiful moments grandparents share with their grandchildren, show what the little ones miss the most, and also how families stay close and get through challenging times. The application phase is currently running via a dedicated microsite on brands you love.de as well as bunte.de to extend the campaign’s reach. brands you love will select one hundred ambassadors for the campaign from the applications submitted by the end of April. Participants will also have the opportunity to become a member of Procter & Gamble's own #StrongerTogether community and make an even greater impact for solidarity. Procter & Gamble will donate one euro for every content piece to “RTL - We help children”. Our goal: €10,000

    Posts by the new #StrongerTogether ambassadors will create numerous content pieces that draw the attention of the followers of the micro and “consumer” influencers. This authentic content will also provide the basis for real stories in Burda media, which will accompany the campaign via native ad formats and reinforce the overall #StrongerTogether initiative. Burda brands with a particularly high reach in the 50plus target group, such as FREIZEIT REVUE, Frau im Trend SUPERIllu and Lisa, will also call on magazine readers to send in their most beautiful moments and thus generate further content. There will also be sticker flyer in Lisa with an AdSpecial feature that invites young and old family members to get creative. The campaign will run until mid-May. 

    In the face of the challenging circumstances of the Corona pandemic, companies have a responsibility to make a conscious effort to reach out to the community to help those in need, explains Kristina Bulle, Chief Marketing Officer DACH at Procter & Gamble:

    “We want to be pioneers when it comes to doing the right thing. Our aim is to take advantage of every small opportunity to set positive changes in motion and be a force for good. If we can motivate lots of people to participate, then we can achieve a great deal. Together we are simply stronger - and this also applies to the voice of our brands”.
    Kristina BulleChief Marketing Officer DACH at Procter & Gamble
    “I am very pleased that we have succeeded in expanding the successful #StrongerTogether campaign. We are deliberately focusing on a target group that is often forgotten in media plans but is extremely relevant: the grandparent generation. Our all-round campaign puts this group back on the cross-media agenda”.
    Michael SamakBCN Managing Director