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    PLAYBOY is growing across all channels and, according to IVW II/2021, now has 46,187 subscribers (+19%), its highest subscription level since 2000. In single copy sales, PLAYBOY has grown by 10% to 41,051 copies. PLAYBOY again achieved strong year-on-year growth in so-called hard circulation (subscription and single copy sales) in the second quarter of 2021 (+14.6%). Sales of hard circulation continues to account for a strong 85% of total sales. Total sales were 8.4% higher than in the previous year, with 102,386 copies sold.

    PLAYBOY is also continuing its growth trend on digital platforms: According to IVW, page impressions on playboy.de increased by 40% year-on-year to 31.4 million PIs at the end of the second quarter of 2021, while mobile hits rose by 19% to 1.12 million visits in the same period. This development is primarily due to the relaunch of playboy.de in mid-2020 and the associated improved mobile usability. The share of female users on playboy.de rose to 27%.

    PLAYBOY has been published by Kouneli Media GmbH since 1 December 2019. The two managing partners Myriam Karsch (publishing director) and Florian Boitin (editor-in-chief) acquired the license from Hubert Burda Media in 2019. Burda Community Network is the exclusive marketer of PLAYBOY and playboy.de.