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    FOCUS Special highlights the appeals of Carinthia

    Introducing Carinthia: With a special advertising publication, the upcoming issue of FOCUS will highlight the southernmost state in Austria as both a travel destination and a business location. It will be published on 3 April 2021 in cooperation with Kärnten Werbung, together with the regular issue of FOCUS. 

    The cooperation project was planned a year ago and was originally to have been presented to the travel industry at the 2021 ITB in Berlin, Germany. Now the magazine and its impressive photo spreads, background information and numerous insider tips will be published just in time for the start of spring. The magazine encourages its readers to enjoy life and discover and experience the most beautiful and most exciting places of Carinthia, showcasing the cultural experiences and culinary highlights, among other things, including tips for slow food journeys. The aim of the special publication is to introduce Carinthia to readers not only as a destination famous for its pristine nature and the possibility of sustainable travel, but also to place a spotlight on all aspects of the area as a location for businesses, research institutions and education.

    “We are very proud that FOCUS has chosen Kärnten Werbung as a partner to develop this project. This offers the state of Carinthia the unique opportunity to present the full gamut of its assets. We were able to implement this special project, together with our partners such as the Carinthian tourist regions, the Carinthian Federation of Industry, the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce, Deutsche Bahn and the Grossglockner High Alpine Road. In this manner, we are also sending a strong signal from Carinthia to the German-speaking market, even in these challenging times.”
    Christian KresseCEO of Kärnten Werbung

    In addition, print ads in high-circulation daily newspapers and television and radio commercials in Germany, as well as online platforms will feature advertising for the 76-page publication.

    The special issue on Carinthia will be produced in a print run of over 300,000 copies and will be available throughout the German-speaking region from 3 April everywhere where magazines are sold. In addition, the publication will be sent to all FOCUS subscribers.

    “We are very pleased about the cooperation. Travel has become something to be highly treasured. The all-encompassing special issue makes it possible to experience destinations like Carinthia in a new way. It shows that the most beautiful holiday destinations do not have to be remote locations. Likewise, it shows that there are many new aspects to discover that go beyond the general image that people have of a specific holiday destination. The publication also shows how valuable high-quality content on the one hand and, on the other, high-reach and credible brand media like FOCUS are in making consumers want to experience these destinations in their entirety.”
    Michael SamakManaging Director BCN