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  • Coca-Cola and Burda’s #AufbruchZukunft are working together towards the ‘new normal’

    Coca-Cola and Burda are working together on an advertising campaign across Germany with the goal of emerging stronger from the current crisis together and shaping the new normality in a constructive manner. ‘Open like never before’ is the motto of Coca-Cola’s new campaign. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Coca-Cola has run no advertisements since April 2020. With this new start, Coca-Cola is calling for us to seize the opportunity together and shape a new normal that is more open-minded than ever before. The corresponding TV advertisement features a poem by British artist George ‘The Poet’ Mpanga, who advocates being open to change. Hubert Burda Media’s #AufbruchZukunft initiative shares the same goal.

    "While we are all getting used to the new normal, Coca-Cola wants to seize this moment. Like Burda’s #AufbruchZukunft initiative, we want to set the course for a better future – a future that we create together. In recent months, we have been focusing on championing the welfare of the societies in which we live and work. In doing so, the key values for us were – and still are – optimism and openness. Let’s be more open-minded than ever before about the kinds of things we can achieve together if we face the future with courage."
    Michael WillekeMarketing Director at Coca-Cola Germany, Denmark and Finland

    Within the scope of their cooperation on these advertising activities, Burda brands are taking up Coca-Cola’s campaign and turning it into a cross-media campaign. That’s why advertisements with double branding can now be seen for the first time in popular magazines, such as FOCUS, BUNTE, HARPERS BAZAAR, InStyle and SuperIllu: the Coca-Cola logo and the #AufbruchZukunft logo appear in one advertisement. Five editors-in-chief are making use of their voice and the strength of their media brands by contributing their own quotes that capture the core ideas of the campaign. This concept was brought to the table by BCN and the printed advertisements will run in late August and early September.

    "The #AufbruchZukunft movement and Coca-Cola’s ‘Open like never before’ campaign fit together perfectly. The changes that are affecting us all can now be harnessed for good. Together, we want to reach even more people with this message and continue to foster a spirit of optimism throughout the German economy and in German society."
    Michael SamakBCN CEO