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    Burda Community Network is now BCN Brand Community Network

    New name, new look: we are now BCN Brand Community Network. Our company’s new name expresses our self-image even better. As a large and agile marketing network, we connect top experts, media and partners with one another and creatively link our customers’ brands to consumers using a wide range of touchpoints.

    We’ve aligned BCN with the twenty-first century media industry in size, quality and diversity, and we intend to create added value for our customers, partners and clients. Because of this, the name change to Brand Community Network was a logical next step.
    Burkhard GraßmannSpokesperson for BCN Management

    Along with the cross-media media brands from BurdaVerlag and BurdaForward, our portfolio includes external clients, such as KLAMBT media group and the brands gofeminin, onvista, PLAYBOY and nebenan.de. To add to that, we also own the ‘b.famous content studios’ creative agency and have a comprehensive network of partners, from AdTech Factory, SevenOne Media and Anzu to the BrandsYouLove influencer network. We are also active as a general contractor, orchestrating the production, printing and marketing of magazines such as ADAC Motorwelt.

    The name change comes along with a new brand identity in which the former BCN look has been modernised and revamped with a new colour scheme. The launch of the new brand presence is backed by a campaign devised by our b.famous creative agency consisting of three print motifs and a digital ad. The campaign to be launched in specialist media will focus on BCN’s core abilities: network, solution expertise and coverage.