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    Best for tracking (B4T)


    best for tracking combines two approaches – creative tracking and brand tracking – to produce an informative study. This study enables you to analyse the effectiveness of the campaign itself and quantify the contribution of a range of media platforms to your campaign’s success.

    • Creative tracking: Advertisement tests are used to measure awareness of your campaign and the impact of print advertisements and online content. These allow researchers to gather important information, for example regarding recognition or activation, which can be used to strengthen future campaigns.
    • Brand tracking: How do your brand perception and rating measure up? And how do the different media channels you implement affect those values? That’s what brand tracking aims to find out. Brand tracking can be used to carry out a deep analysis of the major media channels, such as newspapers, mobile, digital and other media, and evaluate the comparative efficacy of these platforms. This strategy provides a reliable basis for media-related decisions.

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