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    Media group Klambt has tasked BCN with the marketing of its magazine portfolio, as well as digital platforms, as part of a strategic cooperation. This includes wide-reaching, renowned titles, such as Für Sie, Petra, Vital, Funk Uhr, Lea, Jolie, OK and OK-magazin.de. The only exceptions to this cooperation are Grazia and Graziamagazin.de

    “As partners of a publishing company with 177 years of tradition and passion for media, we are convinced that incisive market developments need to be focused on the future. Thanks to Burda Publishing and their marketer BCN, we are brought together with a clear commitment to print media and its importance for the reader and advertising market.”
    Lars und Kai RosePublishers and Managing Partners KLAMBT Mediengruppe

    The cooperation will be supported by BCN Managing Directors Burkhard Graßmann and Michael Samak together with the former Klambt Media Sales Directors Jan Magatzki and Carmen Kleinfeldt, as well as developed further in the future. The BCN units will now be in charge of marketing, including the preparation of cross-media offers and aftersales for the Klambt portfolio. AdTech Factory will handle all processing.


    “Today is a good day for our industry; alliances such as the one between Burda and Klambt are the right way forward.”
    Philipp WelteBurda Management Board