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    #Mutpflaster: How an initiative is raising awareness of chronic wounds.
    9.79 m
    reach in print
    2.87 m
    additional ad impressions
    of the initiative through the campaign

    More than 2.5 million people in Germany suffer from chronic wounds – and the situation often goes undetected, as those affected are usually ashamed of their condition. As part of an initiative by Rodday Wundmanagement GmbH, BCN is working together with 12 partners from the field of medical wound care* to launch an awareness campaign that focuses on chronic wounds in an attempt to remedy this situation. The goals: to raise awareness of the issue in as many people as possible and encourage those affected to feel more comfortable to talk about it. And above all, to show solidarity. BCN was responsible for the entire campaign as a full-service provider from conception to creation and logo design to implementation.

    The campaign is about solidarity. We show those affected that they are not alone and that they can be helped. It became clear that this solidarity was also present in the cooperation with BCN right at the beginning of the #Mutpflaster (#plasterofcourage) campaign. BCN listened, understood and translated our concerns into communication solutions that were as creative as they were successful. It is important for us at Rodday Wundmanagement that everyone involved benefits. We felt that BCN felt similarly about it.
    Steffen RoddayCEO Rodday Wundmanagement GmbH

    Only those who feel a sense of connection can develop real understanding.

    People who suffer from chronic wounds do not need to swallow a bitter pill (or use a plaster of consolation) – instead, they need the #Mutpflaster (#plasterofcourage) [essentially, they need someone to give them courage]. BCN embraced this motto and was responsible for a cross-media campaign from September 2021 to April 2022, which focused on this important topic. The closely interlinked campaign created an emotional bond between those affected, relatives and the general public with strategic activities that built on each other: attention-grabbing print adverts, surprising image advertisements and touching thank-you ads ensured the necessary awareness. All the components were coordinated with each other in selected Burda brands, such as LISA, BUNTE, FRAU IM TREND and FREIZEIT REVUE, and managed in a concerted manner. In addition, expert interviews were published in FREIZEIT REVUE, in which real experts spoke in detail about chronic wounds. Overall, the campaign took place in print media with over 8 million copies sold and a reach of 9.79 million (with 32.82 million gross contacts).

    Further, a display campaign with half-page ads was placed in the BCN network, interested users were led to an informative landing page at NETDOKTOR.DE via keyword targeting, and the pharmacy magazine MY LIFE also integrated the topic into its newsletter. The online advertising media achieved 2.87 million ad impressions overall. Together with the strong media brands from BurdaVerlag, the publishing house with great health expertise, and the marketing experts of the health industry, BCN offered access to all relevant touchpoints, which meant that it ensured the perfect symbiosis of health expertise and efficient reach.

    An illustration of a plaster bearing a heart and the hashtag #Mutpflaster served as a visual framework and cohesive content element. The campaign logo plays with the idea of the beauty of imperfection. It therefore became a symbol of solidarity among patients, their relatives and medical care staff as the three defined target groups of the campaign.

    Messages that touch people emotionally. And a campaign with a lasting impact.

    The campaign was tracked by MMI GmbH in the ‘Medienpanel by Burda’, which clearly indicated the effectiveness of the campaign. The initiative achieved an awareness of 36% (with advertising contact) in the short time. The print campaign attained quite a high level of favourability for the #Mutpflaster initiative (75% with advertising contact found it very favourable/extremely favourable). Ninety-two per cent of respondents with contact to the campaign thought it was good that the initiative exists.

    The campaign was a great success and this was only the beginning. www.mutpflaster.de is a landing page aiming at continuing the relevance of this important issue.

    We have reached out to both those affected as well as their relatives and the public through the creative #Mutpflaster campaign as well as across all touchpoints of the patient journey: from ads (awareness) to consideration (advertorials) to engagement (expert interviews).
    Carsten PaulSenior Client Services Manager Health, BCN
    Developed in collaboration with our b.famous colleagues, the #Mutpflaster campaign impressively demonstrates how holistically we at BCN can work with our customers. This clearly sets us apart from other marketing companies. The response to the campaign was so positive that we decided to even submit it to the COMPRIX, the most important award for healthcare communication in Germany.
    Udo RadzioHead of Client Services Health, BCN

    * The advertising partners for this campaign are: Bamboo, Cutimed, Coloplast, ConvaTec, curea medical, GDH Gesundheits GmbH Deutschland, Hartmann, Initiative Chronische Wunden e.V., LR People. Health. Care, Mölnlycke, Smith + Nephew and Rodday Wundmanagement GmbH.



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