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  • 25.02.2020
    From breakfast to everyday companion: 360-degree campaign for Kölln porridge oats.
    6 months
    11 m
    books sold

    BCN Brand Community Network’s strategy to anchor Kölln porridge oats in the relevant set of the target audience around the clock was to stage oatmeal and porridge oats as an everyday companion. With high-quality content that incorporated simple and easy-to-follow cooking recipes, the Kölln brand was visible across all channels for six months in Burda media brands and on television.

    Porridge oats are considered a component of the traditional German breakfast. Yet this natural source of energy provides the perfect basis for a healthy, sustainable diet not only in the morning, but throughout the day and in many situations: at the office, as a snack between meals and even in the evening as a hearty meal.

    Taking the idea that Kölln porridge oats are perfect for meals throughout the day, we put together an all-encompassing concept and a full-service package that is true to the customer’s brands. This is how we are generating maximum added value for Kölln – not to mention novel insights for consumers.
    Linda IbscherHead of Client Services Food & Beverage, BCN

    From breakfast to everyday companion: 360-degree campaign for Kölln porridge oats.

    At the heart of the campaign: delicious recipes using porridge oats

    The Aus Hafer, von Herzen motto ("From oats, from the heart") was brought to life in an expressive campaign that focused on recipes and healthy flavour. Suitable recipes using Kölln’s products were developed for every time of day and every situation and then presented to the target audience in a highly relevant platform – whether it was overnight oats for breakfast, meatballs for lunch or pizza for dinner.

    The content was produced to a particularly high standard because, as the German saying goes, ‘you eat with your eyes’. This is where the food experts from the Burda Food Agency came in: nine 30-second spots were shot for nine recipes suitable for everyday use and 36 content pieces were created.

    The campaign was set up such that the specific target audience was addressed in each channel. In one instance, men’s snacks were presented via advertorials in Playboy. In another, Kölln’s product variety was presented via ads, while others saw recipes including display ads published via editorial branded hubs on ‘daskochrezept.de’. The ‘bunte.de’ social media channel ensured that Kölln regularly appeared in the timeline of the target audience. Fun highlights were the TV integration of the campaign via program splits on the German TV channels SAT.1 and Kabel Eins as well as an appearance in the InStyle Lounge at Fashion Week in Berlin. Basically, a strong presence across all channels.

    „Being able to get everything from a single source makes this cooperative relationship highly attractive to us as an SME in the food brand segment. Our goal wasn’t to banish the Kölln brand from the breakfast table, but to communicate the versatility of our brand currency – oats – on a wider stage – quickly, efficiently and within a trust-based partnership.“
    Jörg BüttnerHead of Marketing Peter Kölln

    Breakfast was not the only thing improved by this idea.

    The campaign ran throughout the second half of 2019 and, right from the start, the reach was impressive: a total reach of more than 11 million contacts was achieved through more than three million readers via print ads, 4.5 million impressions via online displays, 2.8 million viewers on television, 2.7 million impressions via branded hubs and 600,000 contacts via social media. But more importantly: the recipes were enthusiastically received by the target audience. This was evident by the positive reactions on the Internet and not least by the ‘Meine Family und Ich’ book with recipes for porridge oats, which sold almost 60,000 copies.


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