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  • 01.04.2021
    Brand Trust
    How Coca-Cola and the #AufbruchZukunft initiative give the new normal a voice.

    Coca-Cola was one of the first to address this sentiment. The company decided to freeze its advertisement budget for the time being. The subsequent relaunch in July 2020 was accompanied by a film that elevated the core of the brand (‘Open’) to a new level: an epic poem by Britain’s George ‘The Popet’ Mpanga encouraged people to remain optimistic and make the best of change. The motto of the campaign was Open like never before.

    At the same time, Hubert Burda Media also became active: the company has always been committed to being a part of social change and providing a perspective on economic change. The company set an example for staying optimistic and courageous as early as May 2019 with its #AufbruchZukunft initiative, which encouraged people to shape the new normal in a constructive, positive and innovative manner.

    Five media brands and a global brand show their true colours in an eye-catching manner across various media formats.

    Coca-Cola and #AufbruchZukunft launched a cooperation to better pursue their shared goal. The nationwide campaign of the beverage brand was expanded to include five new eye-catching formats: Below the logos of Coca-Cola and #AufbruchZukunft, strong statements by the editors-in-chief of FOCUS, BUNTE, HARPER’S BAZAAR, InStyle and SUPERillu – for example, by BUNTE editor-in-chief Robert Pölzer and InStyle editor Kerstin Weng – appeared in Hubert Burda Media’s high-circulation magazines. With their personal quotes, they showed how each individual can turn the change that comes with the new normal into something positive for themselves.


    Fresh ideas for a better future.

    The five print motifs were published in August and September 2020. The concept was developed by Burda’s multi-channel marketer BCN. Under the premise of setting a positive and personal example in the midst of a global pandemic, BCN developed ad motifs with a double branding comprising the logos of Coca-Cola and #AufbruchZukunft for the first time. The aim was to put the abstract change caused by the pandemic into a human context. Let everyone understand that it all comes down to the attitude and mindset of each individual.

    While we are all getting used to the new normal, Coca-Cola wants to seize this moment. Like Burda’s #AufbruchZukunft initiative, we want to set the course for a better future – a future that we create together. Let’s be more open-minded than ever before about the kinds of things we can achieve together if we face the future with courage.
    Michael WillekeMarketing Director at Coca-Cola
    The #AufbruchZukunft movement and Coca-Cola’s ‘Open like never before’ campaign fit together perfectly. Together, we want to reach even more people with this message and continue to foster a spirit of optimism throughout the German economy and in German society. In close collaboration with the customer, we were able to develop a strategy and concept tailored to Coca-Cola’s needs and respond flexibly to the current situation.
    Linda IbscherHead of Client Services Food & Beverage, BCN

    To stay positive not despite, but precisely because of a crisis and to jointly demonstrate determination:

    Coca-Cola and #AufbruchZukunft grasp the opportunity to make a strong statement in unusual times.

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