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  • JOLIE.DE - BFF OF THE Generation live!

    JOLIE.DE is the online magazine for trendy and confident women who know exactly what they want.

    The lifestyle magazine JOLIE.DE knows the latest trends in fashion, beauty and the best haircuts and styling tips. Star news and more than 400 psychotests invite readers to linger and come back.

    JOLIE.DE is the user's best friend on the net: JOLIE.DE is a trustworthy and honest advisor as well as a true and energetic supporter!

    Talking to the generation "live": This generation is right in the middle of the action and constantly on the run. How-to-beauty-tutorials, Insta-live-videos and advising topic fields are made to accompany the user exactly on this way.

    On JOLIE.DE the readers are always well entertained!


    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    Main target audience


    43,0 % 18-44 years


    74,0 % Women

    Google Analytics March 2022

    Key data

    Portalname JOLIE.DE
    Unique Users 3.09 m1
    Visits 6.06 m2
    Facebook Fans 215,2003
    Instagram 31,8003
    Pinterest 64,0003
    1 Google Analytics March 2022
    2 Google Analytics März 2022
    3 April 2022, publisher's statement