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    JOLIE represents are new generation – a new generation magazine for a new target group! Cheerful, diverse, straightforward, sustainable and self-confident.
    JOLIE is well connected across all mediums.

    Our emphasis lies on exciting tips and tricks for every stage in life – the service mentality for our target group will always be paramount.

    JOLIE is LIVE on stage. Gathering experiences is key. Through workshops, (Digital) Catwalk Shows or latest beauty tutorials, the JOLIE-reader wants to be entertained.

    JOLIE is THE multimedia women brand for a young target group!


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    Core Target Group

    The JOLIE reader faces many new decisions in life – the first own flat, first love, first job.  JOLIE is always by your side and gives great advise. She is young, affluent, curious and still on the hunt for Love-Brands!

    [Source readers/users per month: b4p 2021 III]