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  • FREUNDIN.DE - the smart companion for all key life issues and situations

    FREUNDIN.DE is the smart online portal, with the ‘Kompetenz’ advisor for all the major issues that affect women.



    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    Main target audience


    53,0 % 16-49 years


    78,0 % Women

    Net Income

    63,0 % > 2.500 EUR


    22,0 % University degree (daily digital facts)

    AGOF ddf Q4/2022

    Key data

    Portalname FREUNDIN.DE
    Visits 11.90 m1
    Facebook Fans 400,8452
    Instagram 42,0002
    Pinterest 310,0002
    1 Februar 2024, Verlagsangabe
    2 Februar 2024, Publisher Information


  • Advisor: FREUNDIN.DE is the lifestyle portal with added value. Experts provide users with advice and support when it comes to relationship issues, beauty topics and nutrition - and always at eye level.
  • Variety: FREUNDIN.DE delivers everything a woman's heart desires. Under the headings fashion, beauty, cooking & diet, love and lifestyle we show current trends.
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    FREUNDIN.DE offers a variety of possibilities to place your advertising message.

    • Classic display advertising.
    • Native advertising (articles and video).
    • Online advertorials with an advertising focus.
    • Personality test.