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  • EFAHRER.COM - The 1st address for e-mobility

    On EFAHRER.COM, experts, users and dealers come together to share information, experience and know-how and to communicate electric cars. The portal caters to the individual needs of users and offers a brand-independent and easy-to-understand service.


    Find your point of contact
    Find your point of contact

    Main target audience


    80,0 % Men

    Net Income

    51,0 % > 3,000 EUR


    41,0 % University degree (daily digital facts)

    AGOF ddf 11/20

    Key data

    Portalname EFAHRER.COM
    Unique Users 5.92 m1
    Facebook Fans 4,5552
    1 AGOF ddf Ø Monat (Oct - Dec 22)
    2 July 2023, publisher's statement


  • brand-independent online brokerage portal
  • comprehensive information and consulting competence
  • user-friendly mediation competence
  • EFAHRER.com
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    With the editorial expertise and credibility of the traditional brands CHIP DIGITAL and FOCUS ONLINE as well as the reach of the BurdaForward network, EFAHRER.COM brings supply and demand together on one platform and serves all touchpoints of the digital customer journey. This makes EFAHRER.COM the ideal platform for brand-building branding campaigns and performance-oriented recommendation marketing in the field of e-mobility.

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