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  • Wipe-off color

    Wipe-off color

    We offer a special erasable ink an extraordinary appearance in the advertising world! Whether a dirt-spattered car or a face mask, the variety of application possibilities are almost limitless. With a handkerchief the wiped mask leaves a clean skin of the underlying testimonial motive or makes a dirt-sprayed car polished again.


  • Individual color variation
  • Playful activation of the reader
  • Can be combined with many other ad specials
  • Due to the novelty and the playful removal of the color, this idea is certainly a real highlight and can be applied individually across all industries. Your brand will be guaranteed kept in mind due to the active use of the reader.The wipe-off-color can be combined with various ad specials. Have we piqued your interest?


    Technically realisable:

    • Perfect binding or saddle-stitching