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    Assuming responsibility through reach and journalistic expertise
    As one of the largest media companies in Germany, BurdaVerlag feels it has a duty to provide people with sound, well-researched information about sustainability – especially the climate crisis – and to offer them guidance. Our advertising partners trust us. In times like these, and especially given that we are having to deal with the topic of the century in the climate crisis, that trust is crucial. We are all facing the dawn of a new reality, which means being able to find credible information on reliable platforms is make or break.
    consider the topic of sustainability to be (very) important *
    pay attention to how sustainably products are produced when shopping **
    are pessimistic about how the environmental situation is developing **
    value companies that want to become sustainable **

    * Burda study; representative study (online) on sentiments towards sustainability – also taking inflation, the rising cost of living and the war in Ukraine into account, n=1,002, survey period: 15 June 2022 – 21 June 2022
    ** b4p 2021 (Total German-speaking population aged 14 and over, n=31,132 (extrapolated to 70.54 million Germans)

    Sustainability is a firm priority for us

    Sustainability is one of the most important issues related to transformation and innovation of our time. BurdaVerlag is using its power as a media and tech company to make key issues a priority so as to give people a positive incentive to assume their social responsibility.

    But providing a large volume of well-researched journalistic content on sustainability in the Burda brands is not the only thing that BurdaVerlag is doing as a publishing unit of Hubert Burda Media. Since 2021, it has increased its commitment to sustainability, and has become proactive in how it puts this responsibility into practice in the form of a sustainability initiative and the FOR OUR PLANET publishing platform founded specifically for this purpose.

    This means that sustainability is a firm fixture in BCN’s marketing portfolio. The number of brands that have dedicated themselves holistically to sustainability is also growing alongside the number of journalistic articles on the issue. And we have also developed sustainable alternatives for the advertising formats themselves. You will find an overview of all our sustainability initiatives on this page.


    Sustainable platforms for your topic planning.

    Inspire your readers: whether it’s sustainable products, an environmentally conscious lifestyle or a healthy way of life – our brands approach sustainability in a variety of ways, thus offering the perfect platforms for your sustainable brand communication.

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