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    To complement ‘best for planning’, the GIK releases ‘best for planning trends’ every two months, which contains important information about the latest trends in media use, new products and consumer behaviour. This enables faster identification of the latest developments and allows capabilities to be more quickly realised and utilised. The data is collected via an online questionnaire six to ten times per year. Many of the results appear in the b4p main study,
    such as those regarding the credibility of influencers: 50 per cent of survey takers think it is good if they see advertisements from influencers and bloggers that fit with the topic of the blog’s/influencer’s content. However, 77 per cent are still in favour of a clearly indicating the advertisement.
    Another example is the development of language assistant usage: These types of tools are already used by 48 per cent of Germans, but 80 per cent are also critical of them.
    Or what about German attitudes towards fake news and quality journalism in print media? The former is predominantly seen as a threat to democracy (81 per cent); the latter, however, is extremely important – particularly for the under-30’s (69 per cent). Only 7 per cent judge the quality of a post by the number of Facebook likes it has.