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    Zukunftspakt Apotheke in cooperation with WW

    The pharmacy ‘Future Pact’ kicked off the year 2021 by starting a healthcare cooperation with the global market leader WW (formerly Weight Watchers). WW – the acronym that Weight Watchers has used for its relaunched– has made a name for itself as a global wellness company and is the world’s leading commercial provider of services for active weight management and physical well-being. With the Zukunftspakt Apotheke the company is now establishing a presence in pharmacies.


    WW Starter-Sets und Beratung direkt in der Apotheke

    BCN and the BurdaVerlag health experts developed the idea for the cooperation together with the ‘Future Pact’ partners and WW. The cooperation with the pharmacy ‘Future Pact’ will give interested consumers the opportunity to obtain information about WW, receive a personal consultation and purchase starter sets from local participating pharmacies in future. Moreover, topics such as diet, exercise, mindset and sleep have already been presented as of January in an ad special across several pages in ‘my life’, a pharmacy customer magazine – another reason for the many members of the WW community to seek out their local pharmacy as place where they can ask questions about leading a healthy lifestyle.


    “The cooperation with the pharmacy ‘Future Pact’ reflects our ambition as a market leader to be present in the place where people are more aware and concerned about their health and wellness than anywhere else.”
    Stefan RymeGeneral Manager von WW Deutschland