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    Video walls at Munich Airport can now be booked programmatically

    Munich Airport is entering the programmatic advertising market by way of its digital advertising media. Beginning with immediate effect, the eight large-format video displays in Terminal 1 can be programmatically booked through BCN in its capacity as CITTADINO’s marketing partner.


    Addressable Gate TV – data-based, target group-specific advertising synchronised with flight departure and arrival times

    With Addressable Gate TV, the time passengers spend waiting to pass through security or pick up their luggage guarantees that advertisements are noticed. The ad spots are shown to the passengers in their entirety in prime strategic locations, and are replayed to the them as they wait.

    Addressable Gate TV from CITTADINO utilises target group data about the passengers of upcoming flights that enables targeted programmatic advertising. The ad server used by CITTADINO uses a programmed forecasting tool from Lufthansa Industry Solutions that uses flight destination, airline and departure time data to forecast the personal profiles of passengers waiting in front of the take-off and welcome boards in Terminal 1. The advertising clients’ target group, for example, business travellers or tourists, is translated into a selection of fitting flight connections. The ad server uses data on the current upcoming flights to decide whether the passengers in the customs clearance queue fit into the target group and only plays the ad spots once it has done so.

    Another advantage of Addressable Gate TV is that the billing for the advertisement is based on the number of passengers present and is therefore fully transparent. This means that an invoice will only be issued for the contacts that have been attained by means of the current departure and arrival times. As a result, advertising clients not only benefit from the automated handling process and the flexibility of the programmatic booking method, but also from the increase in efficiency that is achieved by focusing on target groups.

    We are very pleased about the expansion of our cooperative efforts. Programmatically marketing the airport’s eye-catching large-format video screens as a part of target group-focused marketing campaigns using Addressable Gate TV creates new opportunities to utilise captivating imagery to showcase brand advertisements featuring video content. Large-scale marketing campaigns are being executed in the digital media mix via DSPs more and more often and are being directed at target groups on the basis of data with increasing frequency. The airport’s welcome und take-off boards can now be included in this campaign, constituting a large-format highlight with long viewing times in the Munich Airport’s premium advertising space.
    Christian HelbigDirector Sales, CITTADINO
    For our advertising partners, the attention-grabbing large-format video screens’ programmatic access to the DOOH portfolio of our publisher CITTADINO is an important supplement for addressing their target groups in a precise manner throughout the customer journey. Munich Airport in particular offers a highly exclusive advertising environment for reaching target groups that are attractive to the brands we serve. We take great pride in the fact that we are able work with CITTADINO to further expand our airport network portfolio – the largest one in Germany – and thank Munich Airport for the trust they have placed in us.
    Verena SontagTeam Lead Publisher Management, BCN

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