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  • Rising sales and guaranteed booklet production during the Corona crisis

    Covid-19 is now defining many aspects of our current social lives and the way we work and operate our businesses. In particular, at times like these, people also have an increased need for information, relaxation and diversion.


    Increased media use due to a greater need for information and entertainment

    Media usage is developing correspondingly positively in these weeks. For example, HUBERT BURDA MEDIA is noticing a significant increase in frequency in the food retail sector (60 per cent share of turnover for wholesalers for BURDA titles), higher demand for weekly publications as well as increased sales of food magazines and kids’ magazines. This, as well as a visible increase in the current number of subscriptions, shows that advertisers can reach your customers particularly well in press products with your brand messages.

    Rising sales figures in subscriptions and retail business

    BURDA has systematically and consistently prepared itself for the worsening situation associated with the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure that this potential can be fully leveraged, even during these challenging times. BURDA has implemented all the technical and organisational measures needed to ensure that both the magazine production in the editorial offices and the supply chains continue to run smoothly! This applies to the postal delivery of subscription issues as well as to retail sales. As usual, readers will find their magazines and brand messages in their mailboxes, retail food stores and other areas of daily life such as petrol stations and newsstands. These businesses are to remain open, even in the event of a possible lockdown.


    We at BCN are closely monitoring current developments and intend to provide you with additional updates as well as figures and reports in the coming weeks.
    We are happy to support you in developing special messages tailored to these challenging times. You can find current advertising and marketing offers on our landing page Corona Initiatives.