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  • [Translate to En:] Cover der ADAC Motorwelt

    Get out into the future of mobility: the new ADAC Motorwelt has arrived!

    The latest issue of ADAC Motorwelt was published today. The magazine is now available for all ADAC members to collect, including at over 9,250 EDEKA and Netto stores. The autumn edition of the magazine is the third to have been produced, manufactured, printed, edited, marketed and distributed by BCN, acting in its capacity as ADAC’s main contractor.


    In line with ADAC Motorwelt’s new self-image, the new issue picks up where its predecessors left off by providing readers with guidance and advice on their journey into the future of mobility. It aims to take an informative, critical approach while maintaining a positive attitude and remaining focused on the requirements of everyday life.


    This issue’s cover story is entitled ‘Rauszeit’ (‘Time to get out’). The title reflects the fact that ‘getting out’ in 2020 is about more than getting into the great outdoors and enjoying your freedom – it’s also about getting out of old habits and adapting to the ‘new normal’. Coronavirus hasn’t just changed our daily routines, travel patterns and holiday habits: it’s affecting literally every aspect of our lives. 


    “ADAC Motorwelt is our journalistic response to issues associated with modern, mobile lifestyles. It will remain a reliable source of information, guidance and inspiration for our members, even in these especially difficult times.”
    Martin KunzEditor-in-Chief, ADAC Motorwelt

    At the same time, issue three also fulfils ADAC’s commitment to producing a high-quality, premium magazine with a focus on lifestyle. It features outstandingly entertaining writing, a well-balanced mix of topics and a cutting-edge visual design as well as its tried-and-tested Service section. The latest edition includes tests on connectivity and the magazine’s ever-popular legal advice.


    New mobility technologies are a key issue for the magazine. In this issue, a number of experts set out their visions of sustainable future mobility, including ex-Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg, now an investor in e-mobility projects. A selection of other public figures also provide insights into their (highly mobile) daily lives and their views on a range of current political issues; this issue includes a double interview with Tagesschau newsreader Lina Zervakis and actor Peter Lohmeyer. Our columnists Meike Winnemuth and gourmet chef Holger Stromberg are back, too.


    “We want to make Motorwelt better than ever before. The content of the new premium magazine should be so persuasive that club members actively look forward to picking it up and are genuinely excited by it. That will mean people consume Germany’s biggest magazine more consciously than before, too.”
    Michael SamakBCN CEO

    ADAC Motorworld has developed into the leading media outlet for mobility-related issues within a very short period of time. It is also Germany’s highest-circulation magazine. Issue four will be published on 26 November 2020, with the deadline for advertisements set for 9 October 2020. Full details of the magazine for advertisers are available here.