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    Today, Hubert Burda Media is launching the ‘Print macht stark’ (The power of print) campaign designed to highlight the prominent role print journalism in its many forms plays at our company. The campaign represents a social commitment to journalism with its roots in print. The large-scale campaign was launched on 4 November with a series of advertisements in daily newspapers and on illuminated billboards in Germany’s capital. Over the coming weeks and months, you will be seeing the advertising images from the campaign in Hubert Burda Media’s magazines, starting with Focus, Focus Money, Bunte, Super Illu and Focus Online. Over time, the ‘Print macht stark’ campaign will appear in a majority of Burda publications.

    As a multi-channel marketer, the success of Burda Community Network (BCN) is based on the powerful media brands of Hubert Burda Media. Its high-quality publications and platforms provide the foundation for the sustained success of brand messaging.

    At the moment, it is possible to read and share all the information on the campaign and topics covered by it at www.printmachtstark.com. On the landing page, you will find interesting perspectives from veteran and budding journalists, insights from behind the scenes as well as facts and figures about print that might surprise you. Prominent figures involved in the campaign include politicians Wolfgang Schäuble and Markus Söder, novelists Ken Follett and Frank Schätzing, actors Anna Maria Mühe and Florian David Fitz, entertainer Thomas Gottschalk and footballer Thomas Müller.

    In the interest of achieving a strong connection between people, brands and media, BCN is therefore lending its full support to the ground-breaking campaign to promote journalism. It is also encouraging business partners and customers from the advertising sector to do likewise. #printmachtstark is the campaign’s handle across all social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn).