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    Pharmacy Future Pact: Presentation at Expopharm 2019

    The pharmacy ‘Future Pact’ set up by Noweda and Burda recently made a splash at Europe’s largest pharmaceutical trade fair, Expopharm 2019, held in Düsseldorf, Germany. This strong alliance for bricks-and-mortar pharmacies in Germany was established just six months ago with the launch of the Ihreapotheken.de order platform and ‘my life’, a modern pharmacy customer magazine.

    Quite a lot has happened since then: Over 10,000 pharmacies are now connected to the Ihreapotheken.de order platform, while ‘my life’ magazine now has a total circulation of over two million copies per month (IVW II/2019).


    “The fact that we were able to immediately enter this established market with such a high circulation showed us that demand definitely exists among pharmacy customers and patients. Because of the high degree of acceptance among readers and pharmacists, we were able to expand the ‘my life’ brand family accordingly in no time at all.”
    Kay Labinsky CEO at BurdaLife

    Four line extensions have already been developed: a puzzle book, the specialist magazine ‘Living well with diabetes’, the kid’s magazine ‘Splash’ and the ‘my life healthy & loving life’ magazine for seniors (available from January 2020). “We’ve also had a fantastic start in terms of launching its marketing,” beams Michael Samak, CEO at BCN. ‘my life’ has acquired over 85 advertising clients and €3.5 million gross in advertising revenue. Further strategic partnerships have been formed with Apotheken.de, Pharmatechnik and Apostore. Burda has also managed to get Germany’s largest healthcare portal, Net.doktor.de, on board.

    The pharmacy ‘Future Pact’ is the only partnership to date that offers a marketable, Germany-wide omni-channel solution for the digital further development of bricks-and-mortar pharmacies.

    “The pharmacy ‘Future Pact’ is in the process of dynamic further development. We are consistently expanding our pact with new partners. We also optimise our processes and talk to our partners to discover new potential and use it to the benefit of bricks-and-mortar pharmacies. ‘The omni-channel concept has now entered the next phase with the presentation of the ‘Future Pact’s’ components and associated services for bricks-and-mortar pharmacies at Expopharm.”
    Michael P. KuckCEO at Noweda

    That’s why BCN, BurdaLife and Noweda invited many customers and business partners to an exclusive networking event outside of Expopharm. About 150 guests got the opportunity to engage in inspiring conversations, as well as gain new ideas for further components and partnerships for the pharmacy ‘Future Pact’ above the rooftops of Düsseldorf on the top floor of the 25hours hotel.